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 Bywater Express 
Bywater Express
A Bookman's Fantasy: How Science Fiction Became Respectable
By Fred Lerner
(NESFA Press)
Media: Scratchboard
This piece is the cover art for a collection of writings on science fiction, library science, and life in Vermont by science fiction fan, librarian, Vermonter and essayist, Fred Lerner. I chose to combine elements of two of Mr. Lerner's favorite interests, the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and model railroading. While I'm sure that Professor Tolkien would have objected strenuously to the idea of a steam locomotive running through The Shire (his frequent reference to machinery and fuming steam vents in his descriptions of Mordor come to mind), as someone who grew up in an age more comfortable with technology, the quaint charm of steam power still seems to fit in the hilly Shire landscape.