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 New Lives 
New Lives
"The Power of Light"
By Isaac Bashevis Singer
Cricket (December, 1996)
Media: Scratchboard
"The Power of Light" was an intense assignment to create pieces for, given that the majority of it was set in World War II, during the fall of the Warsaw Ghetto. I am extremely grateful for the assistance I received from Rabbi Mark Finkel and Mrs. Shirley Lelchuk, both of Temple Beth Abraham here in Nashua, NH. I tried to set the illustrations for this story within the larger context of Jewish history, incorporating images and symbols associated with Hannukah into the borders around the three major illustrations. Also included in the borders are the Hebrew texts for the three prayers traditionally recited while lighting the Hannukah candles. The prayer accompanying this illustration, the final piece showing the young couple now escaped and safe in Israel years later, reads, "Blessed art Thou, O Lord God, King of the universe, who at this season wrought miracles for our fathers in days of old." According to Rabbi Finkel, the final clause of this prayer is worded ambiguously in its original, allowing the translation, "... and at this time," implying God's interventions in the present day.